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Grace Building – James Schouw & Associates_RonSombilonGallery
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James Schouw photoshoot by Ron Sombilon Gallery

Ron Sombilon is proud to photograph Vancouver developer James Schouw.


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About James Schouw

Award winning Yaletown creator James Schouw is a designer, green-minded builder, philanthropist, and community visionary. A building by James Schouw seems unlike every other, anywhere else in the field. James is affected by very early Vancouver structure with neo-classical elements but his designs tend to be certainly original and eclectic.

James oversees every aspect of their advancements, from conception, to style, to building. Their timeless design with awareness of information and innovative building, has established a devoted following. Their buildings take the ‘must-see’ a number of Vancouver architecture plus it’s a common web site to see men and women capturing of his structures. The beauty of their buildings have switched them into Habitable Art, art that folks inhabit.

Best known the dramatic model of their buildings, James is changing the way in which structures are made and increasing the club for ecological sensitiveness together with revolutionary styles. His landmark Grace building, at 1280 Richards, may be the first high-rise inside town to have been conceived with energy efficient geothermal home heating, a technology that saves on heating costs, produces minimal greenhouse gases and has now set the conventional for other top quality tasks. The carbon emission decrease for Grace could be the equivalent of using 100 cars from the roadway annually. Besides the Geothermal heat, their jobs include a rainwater data recovery system. He’s got additionally put in a fingerprint recognition security measures that guarantees just inhabitants gain entrance.

Creating structures with a lowered ecological footprint is a reflection of James’ overall development philosophy. He has feeling of duty to boost the city and present back once again to community. No less than 50% of each and every year’s web business and personal earnings will be contributed to humanitarian efforts over a ten-year duration. Charity tasks are ingrained into their company’s values and culture.

Born in Winnipeg and increased in Vancouver, James studied physics at college but became attracted to building after hanging out assisting their designer father at a building website. An all-natural business owner he left school to start out a fruitful frozen dessert distribution business and to pursue their curiosity about design and construction. His or her own dissatisfaction as to what he saw on the market prompted him to construct their very first multifamily development, Iliad. James is quite a while resident of Yaletown and always resides within the projects he produces so that they possess liveability he would anticipate in property.

James’ Grace building ended up being granted the 2008 Georgie Award for high-rise of the Year, was a nominee for most readily useful multi-family housing when it comes to nationwide SAM awards, and was a finalist when it comes to international SPARK design honors. James is a past winner of company in Vancouver’s 40 under 40 Award in which he has been featured on CBC Television’s “Living Vancouver”, HGTV’s Lofty a few ideas, and CKNW’s “Adler Online”. He’s an occasional contributor to company in Vancouver Magazine, writing and submitting articles providing his thoughtful viewpoint on Vancouver’s housing industry.

Venice, May 2014 – 133
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Image by Ed Yourdon
That is one of several space appropriate outside our room into the hotel where we remained in Venice. I’m not sure easily may wish to live-in these types of a house, however the idea that there is these types of a space within one’s residence is quite mind-boggling to me …


I’ve been to Venice a few times for brief company trips within my life, which had similar attributes as company trips We described in an independent Flickr record album about Paris — in other words., they basically involve flying into a busy airport through the night, using a taxi to a general business-traveler’s resort (a Hilton in Venice seems just like a Hilton in Cairo,except possibly when it comes to canal outside the primary entry), after which spending a few times working in the hotel (in the event that intent behind the trip was a workshop or computer system summit), or at a client’s company (also “generic” typically — you can’t even inform exactly what floor you’re on when you get from the elevator, because every floor of “open office” designs is the identical). The trip typically ends in the late mid-day or evening for the last day, with a mad dash back again to the airport to get the last jet home to NYC. Therefore, a company day at Venice is almost indistinguishable from a company trip to Omaha. Or Albany. Or Tokyo.

But Venice is distinct from virtually any various other devote the entire world, and I’ve had several holiday trips to experience that region of the town. However it’s been a long, few years: 1st such see was back in 1976 (which you can see right here on Flickr), and the 2nd visit was at 1983 (photographs of which do exist on Flickr, but have now been restricted to family-only access, since they comprise mainly of boring pictures of drooling babies and young ones sticking their particular collective tongues out at myself).

Thirty many years is quite a few years between visits … but for a town like Venice, we question that really changed. Well, perhaps there clearly wasn’t a McDonald’s outlet in Venice when I initially emerged here (and I performed photograph one such socket about this present see, which you’ll find in this record album), and you can certainly guarantee that individuals weren’t walking on with cellphones and smart phones how they are these days. Even though the tourists usually did have cameras back in the good-old-days, these were usually modest little “Instamatic” film-based devices, rather than the huge, garish, DSLR cameras that everyone today seems to carry around with them, filled with marketing and advertising logos all around the camera-straps and bodies to remind you which they, too, can afford to get an expensive Canon or Nikon device that they really don’t learn how to utilize precisely. (Sorry, I Acquired caught up there …)

However the structures, together with individuals, additionally the canals, additionally the gondolas … all of that is similar. And that’s just what I’ve tried to capture in this collection of photos. The tourist crowds of people are now so dense (even yet in May!) that i did son’t also bother going to the square at San Marco, and I also didn’t bother taking any photos from Rialto bridge over the Grand Canal; but you will see some photographs of tourists in this record, and photos regarding the local people who’re nevertheless right here …

We don’t be prepared to return to Venice again within the next year or two … but if as it happens is 20 or three decades before my after that return, We suspect it’s going to all look pretty much a similar because performed about this trip, plus in 1983, as soon as We very first saw it in 1976.

Black Nation Living Museum – The Village Centre – Pawnbroker’s
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Image by ell brown
This is the Black nation life Museum in Dudley, western Midlands.

The museum was created in 1975, additionally the very first structures relocated in 1976. Ever since then a 26 acre site has been developed, using the unique problems of lifestyle and working in Black nation from middle nineteenth century to early 20th century.

It really is off Tipton path in Dudley.

This is The Village Centre at Black nation life Museum.

It was constructed on the reduced floor within north end associated with museum website that will be surrounded on three edges by canals.

This is actually the Pawnbroker’s.

The pawnbroker’s store is housed in a set of cottages rescued from Himley.

Prior to the 2nd World War, before the inception of condition advantages, pawnshops supplied among only method for humbler men and women in culture to improve capital or acquire financing to bolster their earnings when work ended up being slack.

The front area of this shop exhibited unredeemed pledges on the market, however if you desired to pawn an item to boost cash you joined the increased privacy regarding the panelled pledge area in the rear.

Within the building next to the pawnshop equivalent proprietor runs a second hand furnishings company.

As today, a lot of the furnishings came from bereavement clearance, many came direct from homes in which ‘something better’ was indeed purchased, or alternatively where in actuality the owner had fallen on hard times along with to ‘hock’ their particular bike or gramophone to help make ends meet.

Store regarding the remaining with used furniture.