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Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Air France Concorde
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Image by Chris Devers
Quoting Smithsonian Nationwide Air and Area Museum | Concorde, Fox Alpha, Air France:

The initial supersonic airliner to enter service, the Concorde flew tens and thousands of people over the Atlantic at two times the speed of noise for more than 25 years. Designed and built by Aérospatiale of France and also the British Aviation Corporation, the elegant Concorde was a wonderful technological accomplishment which could maybe not conquer serious financial dilemmas.

In 1976 Air France and British Airways jointly inaugurated Concorde service to destinations around the globe. Carrying up to 100 passengers in great convenience, the Concorde catered to high grade people for whom rate was vital. It may get across the Atlantic in under four-hours – half the full time of a conventional jet airliner. Nevertheless its high operating expenses lead to quite high fares that limited the number of people just who could afford to fly it. These issues and a shrinking marketplace ultimately pushed the reduced total of service until all Concordes were retired in 2003.

In 1989, Air France finalized a letter of agreement to give a Concorde to the nationwide Air and area Museum upon the plane’s your retirement. On Summer 12, 2003, Air France honored that arrangement, donating Concorde F-BVFA to the Museum upon the conclusion of the last journey. This aircraft ended up being the first Air France Concorde to start solution to Rio de Janeiro, Washington, D.C., and New York and had flown 17,824 hours.

Present of Air France.

Societe Nationale Industrielle Aerospatiale
Brit Aircraft Corporation

Wingspan: 25.56 m (83 ft 10 in)
Length: 61.66 m (202 ft 3 in)
Height: 11.3 m (37 ft 1 in)
Weight, bare: 79,265 kg (174,750 pound)
Body weight, gross: 181,435 kg (400,000 pound)
Top speed: 2,179 km/h (1350 mph)
Engine: Four Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Olympus 593 Mk 602, 17,259 kg (38,050 lb) thrust each
Maker: Société Nationale Industrielle Aérospatiale, Paris, France, and British Aircraft Corporation, London, United Kingdom

Actual Description:
Aircaft Serial Number: 205. Including four (4) motors, bearing respectively the serial number: CBE066, CBE062, CBE086 and CBE085.
Also included, aircraft plaque: "AIR FRANCE Lorsque viendra le jour d’exposer Concorde dans un musee, la Smithsonian Institution a dores et deja choisi, pour le Musee de l’Air et de l’Espace de Washington, un appariel portant le couleurs d’Air France."

Sunshine and Shells
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Image by cherylmsf
My Innovative Story ~ Beyond Levels
First I thought, "just what creative trip?"
I quickly believed, "whom cares?"
Yet, the reason why bother to accomplish the course basically are maybe not planning do the work?
Periodically it’s not feasible to accomplish tasks,
this, but was not among those times.

My innovative story is a trip of equipment just like the shells above.
Broken fragments and stunning pieces, huge and tiny, colorful and lifeless…
lots of pieces piled collectively when I’ve journeyed along.

My Childhood laid a fantastic foundation:
Colors: crayons, shows, a blue eye cup, flowers, red grapes, ancient paintings
Preferences: fresh-picked raspberries and asparagus, fantastic ginger ale,
toast with butter AND peanut butter, lobster, steamers, butter, fresh garden veggies, licorice
Textures: rocks, lawn, clouds, glass from an old bottle dump, squirrel eaten pinecones, report,
soft peach fuzzy cheeks, water
Grand-parents: cool Duck, slim mints, colbert blue candy dish, organ songs, a conch layer with sea sounds within it, laughter, imagination, spiral peeled oranges, old family members photos, white Christmases
Moms and dads: outside, camping, canoeing, sailing, gardens, father’s digital camera, songs, snowmobiling, walking, hills, ocean, books, games, tasty dinner, and sweets

Teen many years, young adulthood, motherhood, infants, organizations, small kids…
Digital cameras, books, and journeys; journaling, scrapbooking, quilting and training…
Life took over.
Creativity went into making houses homes, do-it-yourself bread and dishes.
Males expanded, life changed…
Grandbabies started initially to show up.
We rediscover experiencing life from a young child’s viewpoint.
Laughter, silliness, moving, strolls and nonsense speaks…
These equipment have been already been acquiring.
It’s been a trip of breakthrough filled with laughter and rips.

After that a chance, another shift.
Per year by the ocean.
Per year (or maybe more?) free to produce and soak up.
A way to leap or stay placed.
We leapt.
My camera, computer system and classes on the web.
New adventures and experiences…renewed imagination.

Vermont, Salisbury, John Steele House
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Image by hdes.copeland
Martin, age 10, and Mary at the John Steele house, c.1799, in Salisbury, NC. Photo taken October, 1988.

John Steele ended up being an US Congressman representing new york in the 1st US Congress convened after ratification for the new constitution…the exact same one we now have. John Steele ended up being the son of Elizabeth Maxwell Gillespie Steele whose efforts to General Greene ahead of the fateful Battle of Guilford Courthouse remain celebrated. His parent, William, ended up being a Quaker whoever household had immigrated to new york from Pennsylvania in the early 1700’s. They most likely immigrated to Pennsylvania from Ireland in belated 1600’s or very early 1700’s.

After providing in Congress, John Steele ended up being later appointed into the position of Comptroller associated with the United States Mint underneath the administrations of Presidents Washington, Adams and Jefferson. Incidentally, during their tenure as Comptroller, the third Director of the United States Mint under Washington was Henry William de Saussure of South Carolina. Direct descendants of both males would later on marry.

John Steele’s partner, Polly, managed the family plantations with this house in Salisbury while John lived-in the nation’s money, initially at Philadelphia and later in District of Columbia which just later came into existence referred to as town of Washington. John Steele’s days were intriguing and filled up with opportunities to take notice of the frontrunners of this brand-new country. Their letters to their spouse tend to be full of his records and experiences while residing in the administrative centre and dealing among the leaders of any state represented when you look at the brand-new union.

His letters also have step-by-step guidelines how his wife, Polly, still-living in Salisbury, should oversee your family property, the construction and soon after restorations of the household, the introduction of brand-new crops such upland cotton as well as the knowledge of the three daughters. Naturally, she had no time at all to react, in spite of their pleas that she keep in touch with him. Hell, she had almost no time left to create whatever was not straight linked to keeping the spot in Salisbury going!

Mary Nesfield Steele, Polly as she was known, ended up being well educated and may keep an eye on journals, account ledgers, temporary laborers, slaves and commodity brokers. Polly was able to successfully run your family holdings while John continued to serve into the national government. She later sent their daughters to him so they really could finish their formal training within the finishing schools of Philadelphia and, later, Washington.

Though John Steele died in 1815, Polly lived for several years as a widow who was simply rather in a position to manage her own matters. She had most rehearse. Polly, the widow, oversaw the wedding of her three daughters and assisted inside raising and later marriages of the woman many grandchildren.

Though she had been a young child at the time of the United states revolution growing through to the woman dad’s plantations near Wilmington, she would live long enough to learn the excited letters of the woman grandchildren describing the arrival of this first train at the city of Columbia within the belated 1830’s. That train had departed only hours earlier from Charleston to initiate regular passenger solution amongst the two locations…it was then the longest railroad line on earth.

As seen from the exterior, this really is a moderate household typical of this inland communities of vermont during the last quarter associated with the eighteenth century. Elegant, though easy, architectural nuances are found on the inside which reflect the builder’s make an effort to reproduce the most recent European styles and preferences easily based in the larger American places regarding coastline.

The land holdings surrounding this residence, initially from the outskirts of Salisbury, easily sustained a household involved with public service, however the earnings it produced would not make any person very wealthy. Despite the virtually frontier agrarian character of vermont’s upcountry, it had been nevertheless a spot that has been conscious of along with a taste for specific designs appearing out of European countries and appearing when you look at the United states coastal trading facilities. It simply took only a little longer of these to get involved with the United states interior. When the brand-new fashions appeared, the scale ended up being customized to match their lifestyle. Thus, the small dimensions and efficiency for this home is practical the location, nonetheless it would hardly be looked at a masterpiece of Robert Adam or his contemporaries. As an alternative it is simply a North Carolina takeoff of Robert Adam’s impacts regarding the Federal style then found in metropolitan areas like Wilmington, Charleston and Philadelphia. Just like the usa had been reinventing it self as a fresh ancient republic, Robert Adam was reinventing the architectural styles of republican Greece and Rome. For the brand new United states republic it was a convenient relationship of style and politics.

Like their alternatives within the Uk Isles just who traveled to Dublin, Edinburgh and London for business and politics, the preferences associated with new American gentry had been formed by what they saw in Philadelphia, with what kids learned from a formal education received in the capital regarding the brand new nation and also by what they discovered or noticed from well educated and well-traveled folks they came across in Philadelphia, and Wilmington and Charleston. Even Salisbury would become a distribution point when it comes to types of the day, being a significant inland port and marketplace center found within greatest navigable point, or fall line, of rivers associated with the vast seaside plains. From Salisbury products were delivered overland from what was still the United states frontier. Salisbury stayed important until Charlotte changed it as an important trading, circulation and financial center for the entire region immediately after the US municipal war concluded in 1865.

The Steele household descendents include the Henderson category of new york plus the Lynch family of South Carolina, and others. This household was where Polly existed until she died. Inside residence her second girl, Elizabeth Steele, hitched Robert Macnamara, a Catholic. Their particular girl, Polly’s grand-daughter, Elizabeth Steele Macnamara, married Dr. John Lynch of Cheraw, also a Catholic. A proud Presbyterian, Polly reportedly refused to attend the relationship of the woman child, but it is believed she performed go to the latter one. Ironically, Robert Macnamara proved to be a loyal and conscious son-in-law regardless of Polly’s anti-popish sentiments. At some point after Polly Steele’s demise, the woman heirs marketed the home as all of the woman grandchildren had become created in other urban centers.

The Steele family plantation places located in and around Salisbury had been subdivided since the eighteenth and nineteenth century city expanded to add twentieth century suburbs. Residential subdivisions were laid out in tracts which were once experimental industries in which Polly tested some of North Carolina’s very first effective plantings of upland cotton fiber. By the time regarding the Great anxiety, after 1930, and after much of the local work ended up being based in the textile mills and also the furniture industrial facilities of the area, this along with other surviving eighteenth century buildings in Salisbury was indeed changed into apartments.

By the 1960’s and 1970’s, the old residence was in threat of becoming demolished, burned or lost towards elements. Their state of North Carolina in addition started about the same time for you recognize its threatened historic and social possessions. Their state in addition made an endeavor locate audience and match proper properties with those best in a situation to save these jeopardized landmarks.

Into the 1980’s an exclusive person purchased and restored this house for just what it had been originally meant…a personal residence. It’s an extra intent behind offering as a historic landmark when it comes to community showing Salisbury’s direct connections to people who founded the nation and formed its social and economic future.

John Steele’s house is still property. In addition it survives as a reminder regarding the political impact and value that many radiant communities in backcountry presented as American everyone was stitching themselves and thirteen previous colonial provinces into a single nation over 200 years ago. The circulation of products on a vast scale in Salisbury is not just ancient record. The worldwide food chain, Food Lion, began indeed there more than 50 years ago. Sooner or later getting part of a multi-national organization based in European countries, Food Lion still preserves its united states head office in Salisbury.

About the two different people into the picture: Martin is Mary’s grandson. Mary may be the great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Steele Macnamara and Dr. John Lynch.

Picture and text posted: 9 June 2008.
Modified: 2 February 2011.
Copyrights reserved: hdescopeland.


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Some cool genuine on the web home business photographs:

Image from web page 313 of “Forest simply leaves” (1905)
legitimate online home business
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: forestleaves12sana
Title: Woodland leaves
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Writers: Sanatorium Gabriels
Topics: Hospitals, Chronic Infection
Publisher: Gabriels, N.Y. : The Sanarotium
Adding Library: The College of Doctors of Philadelphia Historical Health Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Understanding Commons while the nationwide Endowment when it comes to Humanities

See Book Webpage: Book Viewer
Relating to this Book: Catalog Entry
See All Pictures: All Graphics From Book

Click here to view guide online to see this example in framework in a browseable on line form of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
comfortable and serviceable articles i really could carry. Idid maybe not kn«»w then your delusiveness of that bit of guidance. The disillusioncame after ward. A.s the first morning begin precluded the chance of a purchase ona genuine attempting to sell time I experienced to argue with all the rubberman, just who by theway ended up being a devout Methodist and averse to doing business on Sabbath. to compromise together with his conscience and <jive myself the shoes, and in case his FOREST LEAVES. < scruples will never go directly to the amount of accepting pay as savoring too muchof commercialism he could donate the boots regarding one needy and I wouldsettle the account back at my return. The thinking was plausible sufficient toallay his doubts concerning the illegitimacy for the exchange, and withouttrespassing on their Sabbatical reverences I procured the ships. II.The journey to Plattsburgh ended up being without event. The lowlands ofthe Hudson Valley had been very nearly without snowfall, and there was clearly a warmthin the air which betokened a thaw. As I mounted the uplands beyond

Text Appearing After-image:
Whitehall I entered an area of snowfall, additionally the air shed its dampness andwarmth and expanded crisp and keen. The outlook betokened a much better promiseof recreation. When I entered the cozy small automobile which used to ply with its babyengine on narrow gauge road between Plattsburg and Saranac we foundtwo friends from a neighboring city—young ladies, two siblings, one aninvalid additionally the other the woman friend, making for similar destinationafter a short trip to their property for the holidays. The pathos of theirsituation touched me personally profoundly. They explained all frankly—their hopes, * PC)RUST LEAVES. fears, battles, mode of life, new for me, and during my stay at Sara-nac whenever 1 had a spare time from rabbits J happily provided it on twoexiles. Until that visit we knew nothing- associated with brave fight plenty peoplewere making for life—nothing of this sacrifices they certainly were enduring—nothing of this obstacles they were erecting contrary to the inroads of condition.A new-light ended up being dawning inside treatment ot phthi

Note About Images
Please be aware that these photos tend to be obtained from scanned page images which will were digitally improved for readability – coloration and appearance of those pictures cannot completely resemble the initial work.

Image from page 434 of “History of Orange County, Ca : with biographical sketches of leading people of county who’ve been identified using its first development and development through the start for this” (1921)
legitimate online home business
Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: historyoforangec00armo
Title: History of Orange County, Ca : with biographical sketches for the leading gents and ladies of the county who have been identified along with its very first growth and development through the start to the present
12 Months: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Armor, Samuel, 1843- Pleasants, J. E., Mrs
Topics: Orange County (Calif.) — History Orange County (Calif.) — Biography California — Background, Local
Publisher: Los Angeles : Historic Record Co.
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

View Book Webpage: Book audience
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Follow this link to view book on the web to see this example in context in a browseable on line version of this guide.

Text Appearing Before Image:
death of the previous, Mr. Shanley purchased his share into the firm and continuedthe business alone. In 1896 he sold-out, emerged west to Ca, and situated at Anaheim; and inApril of the same year he purchased fifteen acres of walnut and fruit orchard on SouthLemon Street, which he considerably enhanced. He built a fine, two-story home, andotherwise included with their residential property. Before this, and through the boom in Salt Lake City,he bought residential property indeed there and erected an extremely creditable company block, an ornamentas really as an addition towards the city, which can be now the home of his wisely-managingwidow. .s a real path-breaker in moves of much value for the future, Mr.Shanley was the founders of this very first nationwide Bank of Anaheim, and as itsvice-president, took a working part with its management. He was really pleased with thegrowth and popularity of the lender, and actively participated in its aflfairs until the timeof their death. He was chosen president of American Savings Bank of Anaheim

Text Appearing After-image:
REPUTATION FOR ORANGE COUNTY 421 upon its organization May 11, 1905, offering until January 11, 1916. Quickly aftCr hisarrival here he had been chosen into office of justice for the serenity, so that as Judge Shanley hedischarged this serious and fine duty to his fellow people for four many years.he had been public-spirited to a sizable level, and had been always prepared place their shoulderto the wheel and advance in every genuine way the greatest passions of Anaheim. In the good old Quaker city of Darlington, The united kingdomt, regarding Skerne, over whichis a picturesque bridge of a number of arches, and never far Jrom the popular cathedral cityof Durham, on May 17, 1864, Mr. Shanley ended up being hitched to skip Marie C. McCabe, anative of The united kingdomt, but a favorite lass of Irish parentage, which now resides in a finemodern bungalow at 201 Southern Palm Street, Anaheim, the middle of a large group ofadmiring pals. Mr. Shanley was constantly partial to kiddies, in addition they liked him, andhis committed partner shared his enjoyment in offering to charity. In

Note About Pictures
Please be aware these images tend to be obtained from scanned web page images that may have-been digitally improved for readability – color and look among these pictures might not completely look like the initial work.

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