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Army Photography Contest – 2007 – FMWRC – Arts and Crafts – Cottage Pitchers
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Image by familymwr
Army Photography competition – 2007 – FMWRC – Arts and Crafts – Cottage Pitchers

Picture By: SPC Lasha Harden

To learn more about the yearly U.S. Army photographer Competition, check us out on the web at

U.S. Army Crafts And Arts Record

After World War I the reductions to the Army left america with a small power. The War division encountered monumental challenges in finding your way through World War II. Those types of challenges was soldier morale. Recreational activities for off responsibility time would be essential. The arts and crafts system informally developed to augment the requirements of the War division.
On January 9, 1941, the Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, appointed Frederick H. Osborn, a prominent U.S. businessman and philanthropist, Chairman of the War division Committee on knowledge, Recreation and Community Service.
In 1940 and 1941, the United States participation in World War II was more of sympathy and expectation than of action. But many different types of organizations were looking for approaches to help the war work. The Museum of Modern Art in ny was one of these simple organizations. In April, 1941, the Museum launched a poster competition, “Posters for nationwide Defense.” The administrators reported “The Museum seems that in a period of national emergency the performers of a country are since essential a secured item as men talented various other fields, and that the nation’s first-rate talent should be utilized by the us government for the formal design work… conversations were held with officials for the Army as well as the Treasury who’ve expressed remarkable passion…”
In May 1941, the Museum exhibited “Britain at War”, a show selected by Sir Kenneth Clark, director associated with National Gallery in London. The “Prize-Winning Defense Posters” were exhibited in July through September simultaneously with “Britain at War.” The huge over night growth of the military power meant mobilization type building at every camp. Construction had been quickly; facilities were not fancy; instead drab and depressing.
In 1941, the Fort Custer Army Illustrators, during strenuous war games maneuvers in Tennessee, recorded the exercise The Bulletin for the Museum of contemporary Art, Vol. 9, #3 (Feb. 1942), described their particular work. “Results had been astonishingly good; they revealed serious devotion …to the purpose of depicting the Army scene with unvarnished realism and an amazing power to capture this scene through the soldier’s standpoint. Civil amateur and professional musicians had been changed into soldier-artists. Reality and straightforward documents had supplanted (replaced) the old romantic glorification and false dramatization of war plus the slick suavity (allure) of commercial drawing.”

“In August of this past year, Fort Custer Army Illustrators presented an exhibition, 1st of their type in brand-new Army, at Camp Service Club. Troops which saw the event, nearly all who had never ever already been inside a form of art gallery, liked it thoroughly. Civil site visitors, also, arrived and admired. The task associated with group revealed them a brand new aspect of the Army; there were numerous levels of Army life that they had never seen or heard of before. Newsprints made a lot of it and, key, the Army accepted. Army officials saw that it was not merely genuine material, but that right here was a source of enlivenment (vitalization) on Army and a vivid medium for conveying the Army’s functions and operations to civilians and troops.”
Brigadier General Frederick H. Osborn and War division leaders were concerned because couple of troops were utilizing the down duty entertainment areas that have been offered. Army commanders recognized that effectiveness is right correlated with morale, which morale is essentially determined through the way a person spends their own sparetime. Army morale improvement through good off responsibility relaxing programs is critical in fight staging areas.
To encourage soldier using programs, the services drab and uninviting environment had to be improved. A course utilizing talented musicians and craftsmen to embellish day rooms, mess halls, relaxing halls along with other locations of general set up was established by the Facilities part of Special providers. The point would be to offer a breeding ground that could reflect the armed forces custom, achievements as well as the large standard of military life. That this work was to be performed by the males themselves had the added benefit of causing the esprit de corps (teamwork, or team spirit) of the unit.
The master plan was initially tested in October of 1941, at Camp Davis, North Carolina. A studio workshop ended up being set up and several soldier musicians and artists were placed on unique responsibility to style and enhance the services. Also, night fun art courses had been planned 3 x per week. Another test ended up being established at Fort Belvoir, Virginia monthly later. The success of these programs cause more installments requesting this program.
After Pearl Harbor ended up being bombed, the Museum of contemporary Art appointed Mr. James Soby, toward position of Director for the Armed Service system on January 15, 1942. The next system became a mixture of occupational treatment, events and morale-sustaining tasks.
Through the attempts of Mr. Soby, the museum program included; a show of Fort Custer Army Illustrators work from February through April 5, 1942. The museum also included the job of soldier-photographers within exhibit. On May 6, 1942, Mr. Soby opened an art form purchase of works donated by museum people. The purchase would be to boost funds when it comes to Soldier Art plan of Special solutions Division. The majority of these profits were to be used to produce services and products for soldier musicians in Army camps throughout the nation.
Members of the Museum had answered with paintings, sculptures, watercolors, gouaches, drawings, etchings and lithographs. Countless works were received, including essential oils by Winslow Homer, Orozco, John Kane, Speicher, Eilshemius, de Chirico; watercolors by Burchfield and Dufy; drawings by Augustus John, Forain and Berman, and prints by Cezanne, Lautrec, Matisse and Bellows. The War division plan using soldier-artists to enhance and enhance structures and reasons worked. Numerous artists who had been drafted into the Army volunteered to decorate murals in waiting rooms and groups, to decorate dayrooms, and also to landscape reasons. For every artist at work there have been 1000 soldiers whom viewed. These bystanders clamored to engage, and classes in attracting, painting, sculpture and photography were provided. Larger working area and more instructors were required to meet the growing need. Civilian art teachers and neighborhood communities aided to meet up this cultural need, by giving volunteer instruction and facilities.
Some proceeds from the present day Museum of Art purchase were utilized to print 25,000 booklets called “Interior Design and Soldier Art.” The booklet revealed types of soldier-artist murals that decorated locations of general installation. It absolutely was helpful information to organizing, preparing and doing the soldier-artist program. The total amount associated with the art purchase proceeds were used to purchase the first arts and crafts fixtures for 350 Army installments in the united states.
In November, 1942, General Somervell directed that several music artists be chosen and sent to energetic theaters to paint war scenes with all the stipulation that soldier music artists will never decorate in lieu of military tasks.
Aileen Osborn Webb, sibling of Brigadier General Frederick H. Osborn, established the American Crafts Council in 1943. She ended up being an early winner associated with Army system.
While soldiers were taking part in fixed facilities in the USA, many troops had been being transported offshore to Europe and also the Pacific (1942-1945). That they had very long periods of idleness and waiting in staging areas. During those times the wounded were lying in hospitals, both on land as well as in ships at ocean. The War division and Red Cross responded by buying kits of crafts and arts resources and materials to distribute to “these restless personnel.” Many different tiny “Handicraft Kits” had been distributed totally free. Leathercraft, celluloid etching, knotting and braiding, steel tooling, attracting and clay modeling are samples of the sorts of kits delivered.
In January, 1944, the Interior Design Soldier Artist system ended up being even more properly known as the “Arts and Crafts Section” of specialized providers. The mission had been “to match the all-natural human being need to develop, provide possibilities for self-expression, offer old abilities and develop brand new people, and help the entire fun system through building work, publicity, and decoration.”
The nationwide Army Art competition had been prepared for the late fall of 1944. In Summer of 1945, the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., the very first time with its history launched its services when it comes to event of soldier art and photography submitted to this contest. The “Infantry Journal, Inc.” imprinted a tiny paperback booklet containing 215 pictures of photographs exhibited within the nationwide Gallery of Art.
In August of 1944, the Museum of Modern Art, Armed Forces plan, arranged an art center for veterans. Abby Rockefeller, specifically, had a solid interest in this project. Troops were welcomed to sketch, paint, or model in assistance of competent artists and craftsmen. Victor d’Amico, who was in control of the Museum’s knowledge division, had been quoted in Russell Lynes guide, trusted old fashioned contemporary: An Intimate Portrait associated with Museum of Modern Art. “I asked one fellow why he previously adopted art and then he stated, Really, i recently returned from destroying everything. I constructed my head that when I ever before got out from the Army and out from the war I Happened To Be never ever probably destroy yet another thing in my life, and I decided that art ended up being the thing that I’d do.” Another guy said to d’Amico, “Art is similar to a night’s sleep. You come away refreshed and at peace.”
In belated October, 1944, an Arts and Crafts department of specialized solutions Division, Headquarters, European Theater of Operations was established. A versatile program of handcrafts flourished one of the Army occupation soldiers.
The enhanced interest in crafts, instead of good arts, today trigger a name for the program: The “Handicrafts Branch.”
In 1945, the War division published a fresh handbook, “Soldier Handicrafts”, to help implement this new emphasis. The manual included directions for installing crafts services, picking plus improvising equipment and tools, and basic info on many different crafts and arts.
Given that Army moved from a fight to a peacetime part, the majority of crafts shops in the United States had been loaded with woodworking energy machinery for construction of furnitures and items private living. Based on this brand new trend, in 1946 this system was once more rebranded, now as “Manual Arts.”
As well, international programs were now employing regional music artists and craftsmen to work the crafts facilities and instruct in many different arts and crafts. These highly trained, native trainers helped to stimulate the troops’ fascination with the respective local cultures and artifacts. Countless soldiers offshore had been urged to record their experiences on film. These pictures supplied an invaluable means of communication between soldiers and their loved ones back home.
As soon as the war finished, the Navy had a strong of architects and draftsmen on contract to create ships. Since there was clearly not a necessity for lots more boats, they were offered an innovative new project: To develop a series of instructional guides for arts and crafts. These were called “Hobby Guides.” The Army ended up being impressed utilizing the top-notch the Navy manuals and had all of them reprinted and adopted for use by Army soldiers. By 1948, the crafts and arts practiced throughout the Army had been so varied and diverse that program had been renamed “Hobby Stores.” The first “Interservice Photography competition” happened in 1948. Each service is entitled to deliver 2 yrs of these winning entries ahead when it comes to bi-annual interservice competition. In 1949, the initial All Army Crafts Contest was also held. Once again, it was obvious the program name, “Hobby Shops” ended up being misleading and overlapped into other forms of recreation.
In January, 1951, the program was designated as “The Army Crafts System.” This system had been recognized as an important Army relaxation activity with activities, libraries, service groups, soldier shows and soldier songs. When you look at the formal statement of objective, expert management was emphasized to insure a well-balanced, progressive schedule of arts and crafts is performed in well-equipped, appealing services on all Army installations.
This program was now defined in terms of a “Basic Seven Program” including: drawing and artwork; ceramics and sculpture; steel work; leathercrafts; design building; photography and woodworking. These programs had been to be performed frequently in facilities referred to as “multiple-type crafts store.” For practical explanations, these facilities had been divided into three separate technical places for woodworking, photography additionally the arts and crafts.
Throughout the Korean Conflict, the Army Crafts program used the employees and stores in Japan to coach troops to teach crafts in Korea.
The mid-1950s saw much more soldiers with cars plus the need certainly to restore their cars ended up being recognized at Fort Carson, Colorado, because of the craft manager. Soldiers familiar with crafts stores understood that they had resources and thus automotive crafts had been established. By 1958, the designers published the official Design Guide on Crafts stores and car Crafts stores. In 1959, the first All Army Art competition happened. Yet again, the Army Crafts Program responded to the needs of soldiers.
Into the 1960’s, the war in Vietnam was an innovative new challenge when it comes to Army Crafts system. This Program had three quantities of assistance; fixed facilities, mobile trailers designed as lightweight photo labs, and once once more a “Kit System.” The system program began at Headquarters, division of Army, also it became remarkably popular with troops.
Tom Turner, today a popular studio potter, had been a soldier at Ft. Jackson, sc within the 1960s. Within the December 1990 / January 1991 “American Crafts” mag, Turner, who had been a graduate student in art college as he ended up being drafted, stated this program had been “a godsend.”
The Army Artist system was re-initiated in cooperation using workplace of Military History to report the war in Vietnam. Soldier-artists had been identified and teams had been created to draw and color the activities for this fight. Events of those soldier-artist works were produced and toured for the American.
In 1970, the original name associated with system, “Arts and Crafts”, was restored. In 1971, the “Arts and Crafts/Skills Development Program” was established for budget presentations and construction projects.
After the Vietnam demobilization, an innovative new focus ended up being positioned on solution to families and kids of soldiers. To meet this new challenge in a world of financing limitations the crafts and arts system began charging you costs for courses. Much more part-time workers were used to teach formal courses. Furthermore, a necessity to get more technical-vocational skills training for armed forces employees had been fulfilled by close coordination with Army Education products. Army arts and crafts administrators caused troops during “Project Transition” to produce soldier skills for brand new jobs into the general public industry.
The key challenge inside 1980s and 90s ended up being, and is, to be “self-sustaining.” Administrators being forced to discover even more approaches to create increased revenue to greatly help defray the increased loss of appropriated resources also to cover the non-appropriated funds expenditures regarding the program. Programs have actually included and increased emphasis on solutions like, photo framing, gallery sales, engraving and trophy product sales, etc… brand new programs including multi-media computer system images interest clients regarding the 1990’s.
The Gulf War introduced the Army with a few familiar challenges such as for instance employees off task time in staging places. Department of Army volunteer civilian recreation specialists had been sent to Saudi Arabia in January, 1991, to arrange fun programs. Crafts and arts materials had been provided for the movie theater. An Army Humor Cartoon Contest had been conducted for soldiers in Gulf, and arts and crafts programs were put up to satisfy soldier passions.
The increased businesses tempo associated with ‘90’s Army has yet again placed emphasis on meeting the “recreation needs of deployed troops.” Arts and crafts activities and a number of programs are possessions commanders will need to have to meet up the deployment difficulties among these different scenarios.
The Army arts and crafts program, regardless of what it is often named, has made some special contributions for the military and our society overall. Army arts and crafts doesn’t fit the slim concept of design and artwork or making ceramics, nevertheless bigger sense of arts and crafts. It’s painting and drawing. It encompasses:
* all kinds of design. (textile, clothes, home devices, dishes, vases, homes, vehicles, surroundings, computer systems, copy devices, desks, industrial machines, tool systems, air crafts, roadways, etc…)
* used technology (photography, illustrations, woodworking, sculpture, material smithing, weaving and fabrics, sewing, marketing, enameling, stained cup, pottery, maps, graphs, aesthetic aides plus formats for correspondence…)
* an easy method of making discovering fun, useful and meaningful (through the means of designing and making an object the creator must determine which materials and techniques to use, thus doing innovative issue solving and finding) skills taught have armed forces applications.
* a way to acquire quality products and spend less by doing-it-yourself (making furnishings, presents, fixing things …).
* ways to pursue university credit, through on post courses.
* a universal and non-verbal language (an image is really worth one thousand words).
* food for human being psyche, some morale that allows for specific phrase (freedom).
* the celebration of real human character and excellence (our highest type of general public recognition is by a dedicated monument).
* actual and mental treatment (engine ability development, stress decrease, etc…).
* a task that promotes self-reliance and self-esteem.
* the record of humanity, plus in this instance, for the Army.
Just what would society be like today if this usually not known system had not existed? To quantitatively state the entire influence of this system on globe is impossible. Countless soldier residents have now been straight and ultimately exposed to arts and crafts since this system existed. One activity, photography can provide an idea to its effect. Troops encouraged to simply take photographs, starting with WW II, have actually shared those photos with friends and family. Courses in “How to Use a Camera” to “How to build up movie and Print images” were instrumental in soldiers seeing the outcomes of utilizing quality equipment. A beneficial camera and lens might make a positive change inside top-notch the print. They purchased the top of the range gear. When they had been discharged from the Army or house on leave this brand new gear ended up being showed to your family and friends. Without this support and contact with photography many will never have recorded their particular private experiences or known the difference quality gear could make. Households and friends will never have experienced the opportunity to “see” environmental surroundings their particular soldier was residing in without these photos. Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, Panama, etc… were distant locations where many had not seen.
Whilst the twenty-first century methods, the predictions for an arts renaissance by Megatrends 2000 seem realistic on the basis of the Army crafts and arts system working experience. Inside April ‘95 problem of “American Demographics” mag, articles entitled “Generation X” completely aids that this is definitely the case today. Tv and computer systems have significantly added to “Generation X” becoming keen on the aesthetic arts and crafts.
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Image from page 279 of “The Ladies’ home log” (1889)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: ladieshomejourna65janwyet
Title: The Ladies’ residence log
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers), 1882-1945
Topics: Women’s periodicals Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive
Publisher: Philadelphia : [s.n.]
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Text Appearing Before Image:
ENDURE WEEKEND he views Laura makingBordens Instant Coffee. Somethingnew? he requires. Best coffee ever, saysLaura. Trigger its all coffee, not a mixture!Also, no cooking pot, no grounds, no waste! PERFECTLY, YOU SHOULD have seen the look ongood old Horaces face. Please, Laura,he says, coffees my one weakness. I hateto ask you to answer, but wont you make me personally somegood, conventional, floor coffee?

Text Appearing After Image:
LAURA ONLY NODDED and moments later sails in, all innocence, and hands him a bigsteaming cup of Bordens. You simply cannot beat genuine coffee, gloats Horace, draininghis glass. Therefore we tell him sure its genuine. . . its Bordens. Horace gasps: But I was thinking Iknew exactly about instant coffee! Aaah! However you didnt know Bordens, we chorus. Passyour glass and get on bandwagon, Bud! Money back if BORDENS doesntbeat your favorite coffee!* AMERICAS QUICKEST MARKETING NATURAL INSTANT COFFEE •J* utilize at the least half a jar of Bordens. Then, if you do not agree it tastes much better than any coffee you ever utilized, sendus the container using the unused articles, and well refund your hard earned money. The Borden Co.. 350 Madison Ave., N. Y. 17, N. Y. showed up down the road, the three heads,blond, black and copper, just noticeable and alltalking at a time. He moved in to the housewhere he set down at full length on the sofaand decided to go to rest from absolute shock. I guess all reunions are kind of alike,Candy said unexpectedly. No person responded. It was Sunday after

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