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Army Photography Contest – 2007 – FMWRC – Arts and Crafts – Offering unto others
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Image by familymwr
Army photographer Contest – 2007 – FMWRC – Arts and Crafts – providing unto other individuals

Picture By: SPC Paul Harris

For more information on the annual U.S. Army photographer Competition, check us out online at www.armymwr.com

U.S. Army Arts and Crafts History
After World War I the reductions into Army left america with a little force. The War Department faced monumental difficulties in finding your way through World War II. One particular difficulties ended up being soldier morale. Recreational use for off duty time is essential. The arts and crafts system informally evolved to enhance the needs of the War division.
On January 9, 1941, the Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, appointed Frederick H. Osborn, a prominent U.S. businessman and philanthropist, Chairman of War division Committee on Education, Recreation and Community provider.
In 1940 and 1941, america involvement in World War II had been more of sympathy and expectation than of action. But many different types of organizations were hoping to find ways to help the war energy. The Museum of contemporary Art in nyc ended up being one of these simple institutions. In April, 1941, the Museum announced a poster competitors, “Posters for nationwide Defense.” The administrators stated “The Museum seems that in a time of national crisis the designers of a country tend to be since essential a secured asset as men talented various other fields, hence the nation’s first-rate talent should always be employed by the government because of its official design work… talks being held with officials regarding the Army and also the Treasury who’ve expressed remarkable enthusiasm…”
In-may 1941, the Museum exhibited “Britain at War”, a show chosen by Sir Kenneth Clark, director associated with the nationwide Gallery in London. The “Prize-Winning Defense Posters” were exhibited in July through September simultaneously with “Britain at War.” The enormous instantly development of the military force required mobilization kind construction at each camp. Construction had been fast; services weren’t elegant; rather dull and discouraging.
In 1941, the Fort Custer Army Illustrators, while on intense war games maneuvers in Tennessee, reported the exercise The Bulletin for the Museum of contemporary Art, Vol. 9, No. 3 (Feb. 1942), described their work. “Results were astonishingly great; they showed severe commitment …to the goal of depicting the Army scene with unvarnished realism and a remarkable capacity to capture this scene from soldier’s viewpoint. Civil amateur and professional music artists have been transformed into soldier-artists. Truth and straightforward documents had supplanted (replaced) the old romantic glorification and false dramatization of war and the slick suavity (appeal) of commercial design.”

“In August of just last year, Fort Custer Army Illustrators presented a convention, the initial of their type in the brand-new Army, at the Camp provider Club. Soldiers just who saw the convention, a lot of whom had never already been inside an art form gallery, liked it thoroughly. Civil visitors, also, came and admired. The job of the group revealed all of them an innovative new aspect of the Army; there were numerous stages of Army life that they had never seen or heard of before. Papers made much of it and, main, the Army accepted. Army officials saw it was not merely authentic material, but that here ended up being a source of enlivenment (vitalization) to the Army and a vivid medium for conveying the Army’s functions and processes to civilians and soldiers.”
Brigadier General Frederick H. Osborn and War Department leaders had been concerned because couple of soldiers were utilizing the down responsibility relaxation areas which were available. Army commanders respected that performance is straight correlated with morale, and that morale is essentially determined through the manner in which someone spends his very own spare time. Army morale improvement through positive off responsibility relaxation programs is important in fight staging places.
To motivate soldier using programs, the services drab and uninviting environment must be improved. A program using talented music artists and craftsmen to decorate time areas, mess halls, fun halls alongside places of general installation had been established by the Facilities portion of Special Services. The point would be to provide a breeding ground that could reflect the army custom, successes additionally the high standard of army life. The reality that this work was to be performed because of the males themselves had the added benefit of adding to the esprit de corps (teamwork, or team spirit) of this unit.
The master plan was first tested in October of 1941, at Camp Davis, new york. A studio workshop ended up being set-up and a small grouping of soldier artists were put on unique duty to design and enhance the services. In addition, evening relaxing art courses had been scheduled three times weekly. An extra test had been established at Fort Belvoir, Virginia 30 days later on. The success of these programs cause even more installments asking for this program.
After Pearl Harbor was bombed, the Museum of Modern Art appointed Mr. James Soby, to the position of Director for the Armed Service Program on January 15, 1942. The subsequent system became a mixture of occupational therapy, events and morale-sustaining tasks.
Through attempts of Mr. Soby, the museum system included; a show of Fort Custer Army Illustrators work from February through April 5, 1942. The museum also included the job of soldier-photographers inside exhibit. On 6, 1942, Mr. Soby launched an art form purchase of works contributed by museum users. The purchase was to boost funds for Soldier Art Program of Special solutions Division. The bulk of these proceeds had been to be utilized to give facilities and materials for soldier music artists in Army camps through the nation.
Members of the Museum had responded with paintings, sculptures, watercolors, gouaches, drawings, etchings and lithographs. Countless works had been gotten, including oils by Winslow Homer, Orozco, John Kane, Speicher, Eilshemius, de Chirico; watercolors by Burchfield and Dufy; drawings by Augustus John, Forain and Berman, and images by Cezanne, Lautrec, Matisse and Bellows. The War Department plan using soldier-artists to embellish and improve buildings and reasons worked. Many musicians who was simply drafted to the Army volunteered to paint murals in waiting rooms and groups, to enhance dayrooms, and also to landscape grounds. For every singer in the office there have been a lot of soldiers which saw. These bystanders clamored to participate, and classes in attracting, painting, sculpture and photography had been supplied. Bigger working area and much more instructors were required to meet the developing need. Civilian art trainers and regional communities assisted to meet up this cultural need, by giving volunteer instruction and services.
Some proceeds from the present day Museum of Art sale were used to print 25,000 booklets called “Interior Design and Soldier Art.” The booklet showed types of soldier-artist murals that decorated places of general installation. It was a guide to organizing, planning and carrying out the soldier-artist system. The balance associated with art sale profits were used purchasing the initial crafts and arts furnitures for 350 Army installations in the USA.
In November, 1942, General Somervell directed that a team of performers be selected and dispatched to active theaters to decorate war scenes utilizing the stipulation that soldier designers wouldn’t normally color in lieu of armed forces responsibilities.
Aileen Osborn Webb, cousin of Brigadier General Frederick H. Osborn, established the American Crafts Council in 1943. She ended up being an early on winner associated with the Army system.
While troops were participating in fixed services in america, numerous troops were becoming delivered offshore to European countries therefore the Pacific (1942-1945). They had long stretches of idleness and waiting in staging places. At that moment the wounded were lying in hospitals, both on land plus boats at sea. The War division and Red Cross responded by buying kits of arts and crafts tools and supplies to distribute to “these restless employees.” Many different little “Handicraft Kits” had been distributed cost-free. Leathercraft, celluloid etching, knotting and braiding, material tooling, attracting and clay modeling are types of the types of kits sent.
In January, 1944, the inside Design Soldier Artist program was more properly called the “Arts and Crafts part” of specialized Services. The objective had been “to fulfill the normal personal need to produce, supply options for self-expression, serve old abilities and develop new ones, and assist the whole recreation program through construction work, promotion, and decoration.”
The nationwide Army Art competition was planned for the late fall of 1944. In June of 1945, the nationwide Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., for the first time with its history launched its services when it comes to exhibition regarding the soldier art and photography posted to the contest. The “Infantry Journal, Inc.” printed a small paperback booklet containing 215 photographs of images exhibited in the National Gallery of Art.
In August of 1944, the Museum of Modern Art, military Program, arranged a skill center for veterans. Abby Rockefeller, in particular, had a solid curiosity about this task. Soldiers were asked to sketch, decorate, or model under the assistance of competent designers and craftsmen. Victor d’Amico, who was responsible for the Museum’s Education Department, was quoted in Russell Lynes book, classic contemporary: An Intimate Portrait regarding the Museum of contemporary Art. “I asked one other the reason why he previously taken up art and then he stated, Really, I just came ultimately back from destroying everything. I composed my mind that when We ever before got out from the Army and out of the war I was never planning to destroy another thing in my life, and I also decided that art had been the matter that I would do.” Another guy believed to d’Amico, “Art is similar to good night’s rest. You come away refreshed and at serenity.”
In belated October, 1944, an Arts and Crafts department of specialized solutions Division, Headquarters, European Theater of Operations ended up being established. A versatile system of handcrafts flourished on the list of Army occupation troops.
The enhanced fascination with crafts, in place of fine arts, currently trigger a title the system: The “Handicrafts Department.”
In 1945, the War Department published a brand new manual, “Soldier Handicrafts”, to aid implement this brand-new focus. The handbook included guidelines for starting crafts services, selecting and improvising tools and equipment, and basic info on multiple crafts and arts.
As the Army relocated from a combat to a peacetime role, many crafts stores in america had been built with woodworking power machinery for building of furnitures and things for personal lifestyle. According To this brand-new trend, in 1946 this system was once more rebranded, now as “Manual Arts.”
In addition, international programs had been now employing local music artists and craftsmen to work the crafts facilities and instruct in a variety of arts and crafts. These very skilled, native instructors helped to stimulate the soldiers’ curiosity about the particular native cultures and items. 1000s of soldiers offshore were encouraged to record their particular experiences on movie. These pictures supplied an invaluable means of communication between soldiers and their families back home.
Whenever war concluded, the Navy had a company of architects and draftsmen on agreement to style ships. Since there clearly was no more a need for more boats, they were given a unique assignment: to build up some instructional guides for crafts and arts. They Were called “Hobby Manuals.” The Army was impressed with the top-notch the Navy guides along with them reprinted and used for use by Army troops. By 1948, the crafts and arts applied for the Army were therefore varied and diverse your program was rebranded “Hobby Stores.” The first “Interservice Photography competition” happened in 1948. Each solution is entitled to deliver two years of these winning entries ahead for bi-annual interservice contest. In 1949, the very first All Army Crafts competition has also been held. Once more, it had been obvious that the system title, “Hobby Shops” ended up being misleading and overlapped into other designs of relaxing.
In January, 1951, the program had been designated as “The Army Crafts System.” The program had been recognized as an important Army entertainment activity along with sports, libraries, service clubs, soldier shows and soldier music. Inside official statement of goal, professional leadership had been emphasized to insure a balanced, modern schedule of crafts and arts would be conducted in well equipped, appealing facilities on all Army installations.
This program had been today defined regarding a “Basic Seven Program” including: design and painting; ceramics and sculpture; metal work; leathercrafts; design building; photography and woodworking. These programs were to-be carried out on a regular basis in facilities referred to as “multiple-type crafts store.” For practical explanations, these services had been split into three individual technical areas for woodworking, photography therefore the crafts and arts.
Through the Korean Conflict, the Army Crafts system used the workers and shops in Japan to teach soldiers to teach crafts in Korea.
The mid-1950s saw much more soldiers with vehicles and want to fix their automobiles was recognized at Fort Carson, Colorado, because of the craft manager. Soldiers knowledgeable about crafts stores knew which they had resources therefore automotive crafts had been founded. By 1958, the Engineers published the state Design Guide on Crafts Shops and Auto Crafts Shops. In 1959, the initial All Army Art competition happened. Once again, the Army Crafts system taken care of immediately the requirements of troops.
Inside 1960’s, the war in Vietnam ended up being an innovative new challenge the Army Crafts plan. The program had three degrees of support; fixed services, mobile trailers created as transportable picture labs, and when again a “Kit Program.” The system program began at Headquarters, Department of Army, plus it proved to be preferred with soldiers.
Tom Turner, today a popular studio potter, had been a soldier at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina into the 1960s. In December 1990 / January 1991 “American Crafts” magazine, Turner, who was simply a graduate student in art college as he had been drafted, said the program had been “a godsend.”
The Army Artist Program ended up being re-initiated in collaboration using Office of Military background to document the war in Vietnam. Soldier-artists had been identified and teams were formed to draw and decorate the occasions of this fight. Events of these soldier-artist works had been produced and toured through the American.
In 1970, the initial title associated with the system, “Arts and Crafts”, ended up being restored. In 1971, the “Arts and Crafts/Skills Development Program” ended up being set up for spending plan presentations and construction projects.
Following the Vietnam demobilization, a brand new focus was put on service to families and kids of troops. To meet up with this brand new challenge in an environment of funding limitations the arts and crafts program started asking fees for courses. Much more part-time employees were utilized to instruct formal courses. Additionally, a need to get more technical-vocational skills training for military employees had been fulfilled by close coordination with Army knowledge tools. Army crafts and arts administrators worked with soldiers during “Project Transition” to build up soldier abilities for new professions into the general public industry.
The main challenge within the 1980s and 90s had been, and is, to become “self-sustaining.” Directors were obligated to get a hold of even more how to produce increased revenue to help defray the increasing loss of appropriated resources also to protect the non-appropriated resources expenditures of the system. Programs have actually included and increased emphasis on services such as, image framing, gallery sales, engraving and trophy sales, etc… brand new programs such multi-media computer system pictures interest customers of this 1990’s.
The Gulf War offered the Army with a few familiar challenges such as workers off task amount of time in staging areas. Department of Army volunteer civil relaxing experts had been provided for Saudi Arabia in January, 1991, to organize relaxing programs. Crafts and arts materials were sent to the movie theater. An Army Humor Cartoon Contest had been carried out when it comes to soldiers in Gulf, and crafts and arts programs were create to meet up soldier interests.
The increased functions tempo of this ‘90’s Army has actually once again placed increased exposure of satisfying the “recreation requirements of deployed soldiers.” Crafts and arts tasks and multiple programs are possessions commanders must have to meet up with the implementation challenges of these very different situations.
The Army crafts and arts program, regardless of what it is often named, has made some unique contributions for the armed forces and our society overall. Army crafts and arts cannot fit the thin concept of design and painting or making ceramics, but the much bigger feeling of arts and crafts. It’s painting and design. Moreover it encompasses:
* all forms of design. (fabric, clothes, home appliances, meals, vases, houses, vehicles, surroundings, computer systems, copy devices, desks, professional machines, tool methods, atmosphere crafts, roadways, etc…)
* used technology (photography, graphics, woodworking, sculpture, material smithing, weaving and fabrics, sewing, marketing and advertising, enameling, stained cup, pottery, maps, graphs, artistic aides and even platforms for correspondence…)
* an easy method of creating learning enjoyable, practical and important (through means of designing and making an item the creator must determine which products and techniques to use, thereby doing imaginative problem resolving and development) skills taught have actually military applications.
* an approach to get quality products and save cash by doing-it-yourself (making furniture, presents, restoring things …).
* a method to pursue university credit, through on post classes.
* a universal and non-verbal language (a photo will probably be worth 1000 terms).
* meals when it comes to human psyche, an element of morale which allows for specific phrase (freedom).
* the celebration of human being spirit and excellence (our highest form of public recognition is by a separate monument).
* real and emotional treatment (engine skill development, stress reduction, etc…).
* a task that encourages self-reliance and self-esteem.
* the record of mankind, plus in this instance, of the Army.
Just what would the whole world end up like today if this generally speaking unidentified system had not been around? To quantitatively state the general impact for this program regarding the globe is impossible. Millions of soldier residents have already been straight and ultimately confronted with arts and crafts since this program existed. One activity, photography can provide an idea to its effect. Troops encouraged to just take photos, starting with WW II, have actually shared those pictures with relatives and buddies. Courses in “How to Use a Camera” to “How to build up Film and Print Pictures” were instrumental in troops witnessing the outcome of employing quality equipment. A great camera and lens could make a big difference in the top-notch the print. They purchased the top the line gear. Once they had been discharged from the Army or home on leave this new equipment was demonstrated to the family and friends. Without this support and contact with photography numerous wouldn’t normally have taped their particular personal experiences or known the difference quality equipment will make. Families and buddies wouldn’t normally have experienced the chance to “see” the surroundings their particular soldier ended up being staying in without these photographs. Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, Panama, etc… were far locations that most had not checked out.
Due to the fact twenty-first century techniques, the predictions for an arts renaissance by Megatrends 2000 appear realistic based on the Army crafts and arts plan practical experience. In April ‘95 issue of “American Demographics” magazine, an article entitled “Generation X” fully supports this is definitely the way it is these days. Tv and computer systems have actually significantly contributed to “Generation X” being more interested in the visual arts and crafts.
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Image from web page 268 of “St. Nicholas [serial]” (1873)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: stnicholasserial112dodg
Title: St. Nicholas [serial]
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Writers: Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
Subjects: Children’s literature
Publisher: [New York : Scribner & Co.]
Adding Library: Information and Library Science Library, University of new york at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Text Appearing Before Image:
the woman moms deskthe other day, and having heard exactly about it, toldthe whole tale to her animal Uncle George thatevening after dinner, you’d never ever haveknown, any longer than he, the entire definition ofthe mvsterious letters S. F. B. P. THE GRASSHOPPER. By William H. Hayne. He jumps so high in sun and tone, we stop to see him pass,—A gymnast of glen and glade, Whose circus is the grass !The sand is round him like a ring,— He has got no desire to stop,—we understand supple fellow spring to create a somersault ! Though he’s volatile and quickly, their foot tend to be slim as pegs.How can his careless motions last Upon these types of thin feet?Below him sluggish beetles creep ; He gyrates round and round,—One minute vaulting in a leap, next upon the floor ! He hops amid the fallen twigs So nimble in the glee,I m yes he s danced 100 jigs without one close to see !He tumbles up, he tumbles down ! And from their motley hue, T is clear he could be an insect clown Beneath a tent of blue ! TIIE PHILOSOPHERS ESCAPE. 761

Text Appearing After-image:
He philosophers CscAPef ?i By Eva Lovett Carson. Once there existed a sensible philosopher (so works a historical rhyme),who was simply prisoned in a dungeon, although guilty of no crime;And he bore it with a patience that may well be known as sublime. When it comes to harsh master who place him here had made a stern decree : — Imprisoned in this cell the philosopher shall be, Till he learn by his or her own smart minds the means to make him fre This master despised philosophers ; he smiled a cunning look, When his men and women stated: Your Majesty, the sage is free from guile; And start thinking about, sir, poor people old soul has-been there—such a bit! After That allow him get the method to keep, sternly the master responded.—Full seven weary weeks had passed ; the sage nevertheless sat and sighed.And pondered just how to break their bonds,—but long and vainly tried. He had no money no resources ; he racked his learned brainTo resolve the dreary issue — how their liberty to gain.He wept, and wrung his ineffective hands;—but groaned and wept in ■Vol.

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Image from web page 934 of “The women’ house record” (1889)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: ladieshomejourna65janwyet
Title: The Women’ home record
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers), 1882-1945
Subjects: Women’s periodicals Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive
Publisher: Philadelphia : [s.n.]
Contributing Library: Internet Archive
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: decorativetextil00hunt
Title: Decorative fabrics; an illustrated guide on treatments for furnishings, wall space and flooring, including damasks, brocades and velvets, tapestries, laces, embroideries, chintzes, cretones, drapery and furnishings trimmings, wall papers, floor coverings, tooled and illuminated leathers
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Writers: Hunter, George Leland, 1867-1927
Topics: Textile fabrics Textile design Lace and lace making Embroidery Wallpaper Leatherwork Interior decoration Tapestry
Publisher: Philadelphia, London, J. B. Lippincott Business Grand Rapids, The Dean-Hicks Business
Adding Library: Wellesley College Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
ed when it comes to great of mankind, we desire to mention the art of makingbobbin lace which arose inside our coimtry about twenty-five years agoand rapidly took root amongst united states. It had been imported into Germanyfrom Italy the very first time l)y Venetian merchants in 158(5. Especially interesting may be the comparison similar copywriter makesbetween needle and bobbin lace. He states: whenever, years back. the technique of trapunto and relief had been invogue, there’s no informing just how much time ended up being drawn in making a collaror ])ib or everything of the sort, joined up with to hefty cost to the personby Avhom it had been bought. Quite the opposite, now. a bol)bin lace possibly obtained for small money and in much less time, because tlie costof manufacturing is so much paid down. Formerly, too, collars and otherarticles had been adorned with threads of gold and coloured silk, occasion-ing vast expense and trou])le in cleansing or washing with detergent; nowall this really is reformed and trimmings are of thread effective at resistingthe damage for the clean tub. 95

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Plate XI—Above, tilet aiiti(|iie; below, niarhiiie Cluiiy

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Across America, millions of unique local restaurants, boutiques, markets and theatres deserve to be “found” but are overlooked.

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My Daily Find is a turnkey business with everything you need to publish your own exclusive lifestyle website focused on discovering and promoting the best of your local community. Run it for fun and profit and tell everyone where to EAT, SHOP and PLAY in your town.

If you love going out, eating, shopping, attending events, taking photos, and sharing your thoughts with your local community, then My Daily Find is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

With LOW COST and even NO COST plans available, you have nothing to lose. So secure your town today before someone else snags it.

Go to our web site for complete details http://www.mydailyfindsites.com

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