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Coming Home
working from home business
Image by ArinaB Photography
My dear Flickr pals, there have not been each day recently when I don’t consider you. You might be my homeground , spot where We have grown into full time photography company.
Since I have been performing photogrpahy full-time i’ve not had the full time to pay here on Flickr with you, but my 2013 goal was to agree to be a Flixter yet again!!!
I really hope for your support! And seeking forward to all of your wonderful work!!
Love Arina

2015 – Vancouver – Chinatown Under Siege – 1 of 2
working from your home company
Image by Ted’s photographs – Returns Early July
Vancouver’s Chinatown just isn’t huge nevertheless the biggest in Canada. More or less 15 city obstructs concentrated between Union Street on south to Hastings Street from the north and between Colombia Street from the western and Gore Avenue regarding east. Pender Street is its primary thoroughfare therefore stretches Chinatown additional west to Taylor Street plus the entry to Chinatown Gate.

I have resided a couple of blocks south of Chinatown for 20 years. For the first 15 there was small change. Some deterioration and some effort at sprucing it with refurbished street illumination and street re-paving.

About five years ago things begun to change as well as in contrast toward very first fifteen, quickly.

These day there are 10 new condos either finished or in progress. Not one in my opinion state Chinatown, a lot more like Yaletown in design. Too much pastel glass that stupid little cup sidewalk canopies offering nothing for defense or aesthetics. Plus the buildings are homogenizing the road into one uniform (ugly) streetscape.

In past times week We spotted two brand new for sale signs on structures that would be heritage but are needing major assistance.

There are many brand-new organizations opened recently and that’s great but again they may be anywhere in the town. Upscale coffee shops, brand-new restaurants (not one Chinese), computer software businesses, bar tender instruction, bike repair shops, art galleries, chic garments stores, ceramics and a Pie store to name a few.

There are also company closing. Produce and animal meat stores, Chinese clothes and house decorating stores, a historic printing shop (Ho Hung Hing).

On north side of Pender east of principal you will find 5 bare stores consecutively that if you ask me has “condo coming” written around it.

I fear the current Chinese company ownerswill be too tempted to sell on the land value so more condos can be built.

I am hoping the ambience regarding the neighbourhood could be retained but I do perhaps not see much proof that taking place today. Some better attempt at design to fit the neighbourhood could be a huge extra IMO.

This image shows the most recent condo begin Pender east of principal.

Last year the Canadian authorities designated Vancouver’s Chinatown as a National Historical website. So, so what does this nationwide designation mean for future years of Chinatown? The impact of a historical designation from the structures and businesses is however is recognized but hopefully it’ll supply some protection.

R.I.P. Chinatown

Rally set-to air Chinatown concerns
Reporter Stefania Seccia
By Stefania Seccia, a day
Thursday, February 19, 2015 5:12:04 PST PM

Neighborhood problems about Chinatown’s at-risk heritage and dwindling inexpensive housing stock is causing a future rally at city hall.

King-mong Chan, utilizing the Carnegie Community Action Project, is working on a petition phoning for a short-term moratorium on new market development tasks who has thus far obtained 1,100 signatures.

Chan stated that on March 3 there will be a community rally at town hall to provide the petition to Mayor Gregor Robertson.

“We desire to bring that major necessitate a moratorium to your gran,” he stated.

About 800 condo devices and marketplace rental products are slated for building in Chinatown, while more than several are available as inexpensive housing with an 0 month-to-month price of lease. The level restrictions for buildings had been raised in 2011, but could possibly be again raised if a 13-storey Beedie Group development gets authorized.

“The whole neighborhood and identity of Chinatown is actually under hazard because of the way developers are promoting Chinatown marketing and advertising since the new Yaletown,” he said. “And the character is moving towards that.

“Right today, individuals are saying it willn’t look like Chinatown currently.”

Chan stated that through the residents he’s spoken to and keeps in continual connection with feel just like not only has actually Chinatown’s personality happens to be lost, but there’s also fears about volatile affordable housing and shopping.

“If they raise their rent, in which are those folks gonna get?” he said.

But Kevin McNaney, Vancouver’s assistant director of preparation, said the city has already been performing too much to preserve Chinatown’s character.

“We share similar values that there’s a necessity for more inexpensive housing in Chinatown and heritage protection, and we’re working closely on both,” he said.

“We’ve been wanting to utilize many of these brand new improvements to build affordable housing, and one of those is providing us 22 devices of social housing.”

As for architecture and form, on March 4 a workshop between two council-appointed advisory committees – the Chinatown historic location planning committee plus the metropolitan design panel – enable all of them better understand the concerns, said McNaney. It will be open to your public.

“It’s to assist them to understand the community’s point of view better,” he stated. “That method whenever future projects come through, they may be able provide good advice that reflects the community’s issues and reflects their aspirations.

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In Which Do The Marshmellows Grow?
making funds from residence
Image by Viewminder
The funny thing is they never even grow in marshes I heard.

The reason why the hell do they call all of them ‘marshmellows’ after that?

The ‘mellow’ part is obvious.

But apparently they got nothin’ to do with marshes.

We learned that cranberries grow in bogs though.

And tapioca comes from the interior of trees.

Life is an unusual journey like this.

I’m constantly askin’ myself questions.

We question everything.

I question about much shit.

I became the worst child like this but my moms and dads had been always cool with it.

They knew that when we began askin’ questions that I’d to have the solution.

Once I asked questions about the Sears Tower…

my dad’d take me to understand Building Engineer.

Therefore I could ask him questions.

Did you know the Sears Tower develops virtually eight inches during a time period of large tidal pull?

The building engineer explained that.

As soon as we saw an airplane crash dad i’d like to out of the vehicle going take a look even though I experienced to go about six miles home from then on.

Anything he would be arrested for today.

That has been your day I decided that I had in order to become a pilot.

For the reason that it pilot was therefore cool.

I was perhaps eight or nine and I also needed to trek through about a 1 / 2 a mile of dirty industry to get at the airplane.

By the time i obtained indeed there the pilot was gettin’ chewed out-by their girfriend and duckin’ flyin’ suitcases and things.

He was actually happy to see myself.

I suppose I supplied only a little ‘diversion’ for him and I also noticed his girfriend cooled down straight away also… I am talking about she ended throwin’ shit at him at least…

although she ended up being however quite pissed about his dropping an engine… their only engine… on the way to their particular holiday.

He showed me the inside associated with jet and told me just how every little thing worked.

Their girfriend sat on a suitcase together with her hands folded lookin’ pissed.

That’s exactly how girfriends is you realize?

Dude spared their particular ass… glides their powerless airplane into a dirty area… prevents the powerlines and barely dents that sweet Beech Bonanza… neither of these gets injured… the man’s a freakin’ hero…

and she is all mad at him.

‘We should’ve just drove’ we heard this lady say… ‘we said we ought to have driven.’

If she understood precisely what he’d done right indeed there… once I turned out she’d are making voracious love to the man or else demonstrating the woman love for him in a far more romantic way.

Bonanza’s are recognized to glide like a stone as soon as the engine quits.

Her boyfriend done great.

Another hundred legs and then he’d have plowed it into a treeline.

I do believe he deserved a real and sincere and substantial ‘atta son’ at the least.

‘If this plane’s a rockin’ do not come knockin’

She shoudda showed old child some ferocious love right there i am suggesting.

Then I would have chose to become a pilot the following day.

‘Mom, dad… I’m falling out-of-school to be a pilot’ I’m able to see myself saying.

‘ you’re just within the 4th level’ my mom will say.

‘It’s been my lifelong fantasy.’

I was thinking that guy ended up being so cool… After all… he simply crashed a plane and he ended up being talkin’ in my opinion.

He did everything right because he held their cool.

The one thing he didn’t do right is deal with the girlfriend correctly but i did not realize that after that.

Needless to say today i realize that correct response to the gf would-have-been to express something similar to…

‘baby… I am aware that I simply conserved us from particular fiery demise and every little thing… but revelling when you look at the minute would-be selfish… and though I’m totally pumped up and all jacked on adrenaline I am able to feel the psychological disconnect growing between us right now… which saddens me over i am most likely letting on because of all this excitement… and I also really just wish reassure you that I adore you and I love you over such a thing on the planet… I really want you to learn that you’re the most wonderful lady worldwide to me… even sitting on a suitcase in a muddy area directly after we simply crashed in a plane due to my arrogance and stupidity… that I’m sorry the airplane’s engine quit… you did not deserve is subjected to this… you deserve is flown around in a plane that is taken care of by a far more competent mechanic… and I decided on plane mechanics defectively and in a way which wasn’t considerate people… I became wrong… I feel like We disappoint you… and I also dislike exactly how which makes me feel in… if the plane’s motor quit my first thought had been you… I was scared that i really could drop you… I wanted to go over the way you were experiencing in immediately but I’d to fly the plane… I guaranteed myself that second we survived this crash that I’d deal with these problems with you… that is why I’m conversing with you now… because i am keeping that promise that I created using myself… I did not like the way the whole event made myself feel… therefore made myself feel powerless and susceptible and I also’m have to time for you to deal with those issues on my own… and I also promise to reach out to a professional for help easily have to… I could understand why you’re mad while’re right… we have to have simply driven… I ought to have heard you… because whenever I fuck up royally it really is you that’s truth be told there to inform me personally the things I need done… and I know it’s because you like myself also it arises from good place in your heart… it is because you worry… not only since you like to transform myself… I’ll just take life more seriously to any extent further I promise and I want you to understand that I’m totally dedicated to your emotions at this time if you wish to speak about it… simply understand that Im totally emotionally accessible to you as of this very 2nd… I’m sorry child… I do not even care if that little bit of shit airplane burns off with all our baggage on it and I guarantee to kick that mechanic’s ass next time We see him… i am simply glad that you are alright… this plane crash changed me for the much better and it is made myself consider everything differently… I’m like a whole new man… I’m therefore grateful to possess you within my life… I guarantee you that once we get home i am going to begin contemplating all of that shit around the house you’ve been informing me to fix… and I also actually hope that even as we grow old together we look straight back about this crazy little minute as something that we could laugh about… a thing that introduced united states closer together… and made our love better… who is my hot small copilot huh… you’re… c’mere you sexy small love nugget… a person appears like they need a large hug.’

I think that covers most of the basics.

Then… simply to get the additional mile and because I’m an intimate in mind…

I would have strolled back again to the jet… grabbed radio stations microphone and stated loudly adequate that she could hear myself…

‘Midway Tower it is Beechcraft yadda yadda yadda… I recently made that mayday call… I simply want you understand your most gorgeous lady on earth… the passion for my life and I also take the floor safe and sound… which I became wrong and I should have listened to her… we are going to be operating next time… over.’

‘Roger that Beech yadda yadda yadda… we’re happy you are safe and goodluck utilizing the girlfriend… hope you did not FUBAR that’ i could imagine the tower would react.

They should place that into the ‘post crash checklist’ under ‘dealing together with your wife/girlfriend after the crash.’

Shit… they should have ‘pilot type’ checklists for girlfriends and wives.

Really… I really could make some cash thereupon concept.

Laminated… with index tabs and every little thing… bullet pointed problems to deal with… keywords to state repeatedly and a sample script tested on feminine focus teams and authorized by psychiatrists, relationship counselors, practitioners and divorce proceedings lawyers for virtually any scenario.

Things not to say highlighted in purple.

Every man would want a duplicate of that.

Coping with womankind without it’d resemble flyin’ by the chair of your pants.

My instructor always stated… ‘no matter just how crazy it gets… stay with the list… once the shit hits the fan the head’s gonna be up your butt.’

And then he was right.

That guy crashed eight times… flew like a madman-kamikaze wanna be… smoked a pack of Pall Mall filterless cigarettes just about every day… half of all of them in the cockpit beside me in which he’d get to sleep together burning in their lips… he consumed whiskey straight like liquid… hitched an ex-nun and existed to nearly ninety.

Lenny Prorok you had been best pilot I ever known and truly more fearless.

You did things with airplanes that Jesus, physics in addition to Wright Brothers never ever meant… together with FAA undoubtedly objected to.

We miss you.

The guy knew just what he was speaking about.

Easily ever before doubted him he would pull-out their initial pilots permit and show it if you ask me… pointing aside it was signed regarding the straight back by Wilber Wright.

Every great argument when you look at the seat constantly seemed to end with ‘see this… this might be Orville Wright’s gahdamned signature!’

The man always strike myself within the cockpit easily smudged.

We travelled through some crazy heavens collectively me personally which old bird.

Crankiest mofo we ever before met.

Nevertheless the dude could travel.

Guy could he travel.

He proved in my experience that he could land a Cessna 152 in a baseball industry as soon as.

The little move he pulled at the end ‘to clear objective posts’ he stated… that has been some scary butt traveling.

Wing on a ‘knife advantage’ when you look at the craziest sideslip I previously seen ten legs over the floor utilizing the stall caution horn screamin’ as loud as I have you ever heard it.

That manuever had a ‘pucker aspect’ of eleven plus it probably took per week for my cajones to relax adequate to leave my esophagus.

I thought that has been the end.

Pilots always utilize acronyms and rhymes to consider material.

We stick to ‘BISYWaR’… busywar… it works in almost every situation… BISYWaR is short for for ‘Baby i am sorry You Were Appropriate.’

The small ‘a’ doesn’t mean any such thing… it is kinda simply tossed inside to help make the acronym more ‘wordlike’ and unforgettable.

The acronym is sensible too.

You don’t make use of it during the right time… you’re gonna be busy at war.

Put that inside emotional pocket dudes… right next to the spot where you have immediate and total recall of the day of one’s anniversary.

And do not only make use of it a whole lot… utilize it every opportunity you receive… succeed a target.

No… allow it to be a ‘lifestyle.’

The key on phrase’s success is its user friendliness as well as its honesty.

Occasionally a man is sorry.

Often a man is sorry his woman is appropriate.


I discovered since then that women are far more complex than any flying machine previously built.

Even helicopters.

Sittin’ when you look at the pilots seat whilst the pilot finished gettin’ their things outta the jet we wondered how I’d did in the same scenario…

would We have held my cool we wondered…

would We have done every little thing perfectly so we could walk away from the ‘forced landing?’

I am as curious about myself as I in the morning concerning the globe.

It really is exactly about curiousity I guess.

That’s what its that I think drives us to escape here to get in close proximity to men and women from the street.

I’m curious.

I usually have already been.

I would like to learn more.

We wanna know about everything.

That’s the best thing i do believe.

1 day I swear i am going to see where in fact the marshmellows develop.

Derby Marketplace
making funds from house
Image by Adam N. Ward

What exactly is within my case August 12, 2012
making funds from home
Image by Do8y
We apologise when it comes to appalling quality of the picture. This is the combination of using an iPhone and a place with uneven lighting.

Ordinarily an apple iphone 4g is within this photo as I always carry it in bag – in fact into the blue ‘3way Accessory Case’ connected to the blue ‘Deluxe Strap Pad’.

I didn’t empty the Ordning & Reda pencil-case whilst has actually a couple of pencils (Pentel Tradio – and a Rotring Core sets fountain pen, Tanakor design always compose back at my main working notepad – a Clairefontaine – great report deserves to be honoured with a fountain pen and a good ink) and a pack of Waterman ink cartridges on it.

The case is a:
Custom Computer Messenger Bag
– dimensions: medium
– ballistic nylon spinach / stripes blue / ballistic plastic spinach
– binding: pacific blue
– logo: pacific blue
– lining: argon blue
– crater laptop computer sleeve
– grab strap
– compression straps with tabs
– right-handed

I discover blue liner particularly good, although I have been a fan for the orange people.

Notoriously lacking – my Livescribe pen, which I forgot at your workplace this weekend.

As constantly, my what exactly is during my case shot comes heavily annotated with Flickr-notes, simply mouse-over an object to see what it is.

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Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Maryland Keeps a premier Class for Entrepreneurially-Minded Pupils
make cash online survey
Image by Merrill University of Journalism Press Announcements
COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The University of Maryland remains among country’s top schools for entrepreneurially-minded students. The Princeton Assessment and Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual positions of top 25 undergraduate and graduate school programs reveals UMD features relocated around 14th from the undergraduate list – up from 18th this past year. The graduate ranks stay static in the utmost effective 25 – arriving at 24th this year.

The Princeton Assessment and Entrepreneur mag have partnered for a number of many years to create the standing report. Surveys tend to be performed with college directors from April through Summer.

Some 2300 schools were part of the 60 concern study because of this 12 months’s positioning. Entrepreneur Magazine will once again feature the study with its October problem that’s available on newsstands September 25.

Information used to evaluate programs at Maryland and other schools consist of:

•Levels of commitment to entrepreneurship inside and outside the class room;
•The portion of faculty, pupils and alumni actively and effectively associated with entrepreneurial endeavors;
•The quantity and reach of mentorship programs;
•The quantity of scholarships for entrepreneurial studies and jobs and
•Support for school-sponsored business strategy competitions.

The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith class of company is a major motorist of entrepreneurship education at institution, using its 26-year-old Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship championing programs university-wide for students, faculty and local entrepreneurs.

The A. James Clark School of Engineering’s Maryland tech Enterprise Institute (Mtech) is more popular for its university and national management in undergraduate entrepreneurship programs, including the Hinman CEOs system, the nation’s first living-learning entrepreneurship program, and its highly effective yearly technology business strategy competitors.

UMD President Wallace Loh makes Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) an important focus of his tenure in College Park. Recently, the university had been ranked 4th into the country in 2013 for aspiring business owners because of the website And due to the leadership provided by this institution, the state of Maryland was called number 1 in entrepreneurship and development because of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this summer. At that time, Vice President for Research and Chief analysis Officer Dr. Patrick O’Shea pointed to UMD’s commitment to "creating a culture of entrepreneurship among our faculty, pupils and alumni."

Maryland’s positioning would be the results of a focus on developing entrepreneurship programs across university – utilizing the Smith and Clark schools leading the way. University officials state they are going to still suport and develop I&E options for faculty, staff and alumni into the future.

Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

The Dingman Center, located during the Robert H. Smith Schoolof Business, assists lead the university’s entrepreneurship effort.. It really is recognized nationally for its innovative training techniques that bundle classroom tasks, working experience and cultural immersion programs. The most recent U.S. News position of undergraduate entrepreneurship programs (2011) ranked the Smith School’s program #15 in the united kingdom.

Acclaimed programs in the schools’ Dingman Center include:

•Pitch Dingman: once a week sessions that invite students campus-wide to pitch business some ideas for instant comments from experienced entrepreneurs-in-residence. The program hosts tournaments two times per semester where students pitch to a panel of entrepreneurs for ,750 seed investment.

•Cupid’s Cup Business Competition: a nationwide business competitors sponsored by Under Armour president and Smith School alumnus Kevin Plank ’96, to spot and reward passionate student business owners with impactful organizations.

•China Business Plan competitors: An annual MBA worldwide scientific studies trip and business strategy competitors in partnership with Peking University. Teams from the Smith School, the Technion in Israel and top Chinese universities current business ideas that integrate the Chinese market for cash awards.

•Dingman Center Angels: the spot’s most energetic angel buyer network linking business owners looking for seed and early-stage capital with angel people.

•Technology Transfer: with the Clark School of Engineering’s Maryland tech business Institute in addition to institution’s Office of Technology Commercialization, this system features MBA students helping develop businesses away from university analysis and technologies.

•Dingman Jumpstart: a rigorous five-day bootcamp to see the venture creation process including lectures, workshops and advising sessions.

Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech)

Mtech’s entrepreneurship knowledge initiatives in 2011-2012 included 18 entrepreneurship courses, with 932 enrollments. A lot more than 5K in scholarship capital was presented with to students involved with Mtech’s entrepreneurship knowledge programs through that exact same year.
Mtech’s entrepreneurship knowledge portfolio also includes two living-learning programs, one transfer scholarship program, seed money, a ,000 business strategy competition and mentoring. Brand new projects this past year are the very first Maryland twelfth grade Business Plan competitors, the Entrepreneurship Essentials Online plan, and an innovative new, no-cost entrepreneurship program announced through Coursera.

Shows of Mtech’s entrepreneurship knowledge programs consist of:

•Minor in tech Entrepreneurship: This brand-new, 15-credit undergraduate small prepares pupils for establishing successful technology endeavors and taking life-changing services to promote.

•Hinman CEOs plan: Due to the fact country’s very first living-learning entrepreneurship system, Hinman CEOs is a groundbreaking initiative putting entrepreneurially-minded students from all technical and non-technical educational procedures in a distinctive neighborhood. Pupils reside together, understand entrepreneurship, and can launch brand-new endeavors. Two Inc. 500 organizations have actually emerged from the system since its launch in 2001.

•Hillman Entrepreneurs plan: Hillman Entrepreneurs is a scholarship program for pupils starting their study at Prince George’s Community university that have a pastime in entrepreneurship and a passion for starting a commercial enterprise or leading a company. The program includes entrepreneurship and leadership programs, intense mentoring, networking options, and community building

•Entrepreneurship and Innovation system (EIP): EIP provides University of Maryland Honors College freshmen and sophomores with an interdisciplinary, residing and discovering knowledge to assist build the entrepreneurial mindsets which includes experiential discovering, challenging academics, a full time income neighborhood, mentoring and mentoring, and usage of financing.

•University of Maryland K business strategy Competition: This annual technology business plan competition features investor pitches to venture capitalists and business owners and ,000 in reward money. Winners feature five multi-million buck ventures as well as 2 Inc. 500 companies.

Mtech’s total programs increase these offerings with item development capital, free intellectual property solutions, entrepreneur workplace hours, a venture accelerator, model lab, incubator, and additional help for organizations throughout their lifecycles

Contacts: David Ottalini, 301-405-4076 or

Image from web page 252 of “Ostrich agriculture in Southern Africa. Becoming an account of its beginning and rise; simple tips to set about it; the gains to be derived; how to manage the birds; the administrative centre needed; the diseases and problems is satisfied with, &c. &c” (1881)
make cash online survey
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: ostrichfarmingin00doug
Title: Ostrich agriculture in South Africa. Being a free account of its source and rise; how exactly to start it; the profits to be derived; how to handle the birds; the capital required; the conditions and difficulties to be satisfied with, &c. &c
Year: 1881 (1880s)
Authors: Douglass, Arthur
Topics: Ostrich facilities Ostrich farming
Publisher: London, Paris & Nyc, Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co.
Adding Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

View Book Page: Book Viewer
Concerning this Book: Catalog Entry
View All Pictures: All Photos From Book

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the countrythrouo-h the carryino; away of dams is enormous, andyet nearly all this loss might be saved by a little know-led ore and treatment in their construction. All of the time dam-making is high priced and anxious work, typically cost-ing a lot more compared to farmer originally anticipated ; andin some cases, eyen where in actuality the dam stands and does notleak, it proyes to-be money squandered, from the drainagearea becoming inadequate, or perhaps the silt that comes down thekloof quickly completing it up. It’s not our purpose to publish about large reservoiisintended for irrigation functions, but towards smallordinary dams for supplying stock with water. Withlaro-e dams across streams, or anywhere where in fact the worksamount to a big undertaking intended for extensiveirrigation, the farmer should very long think about oyer hisscheme, and present heed on remarks of their neighboursbefore commencino;. Many are half ruined byprematurely commencing on an ill-digested system.The difficulties are excellent in a country like this, where

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DAM-MAKING. 219 the veriest little dried out bed for eleven months when you look at the yenris a rushing torrent the various other thirty days; and also the capa-city associated with reservoir must be huge if meant forirrigation, unless it really is fed by a consistent flow or springs. But in which the farmer has totally pleased himself bysome many years local experience that a large reservoir forirrigation is possible, the land he needs to irri-gate will probably be worth it, your lake works frequently enough toensure their always having water at the time needed, andknows by experience the extraordinary heiglit that theseapparently insignificant streams can rise, your siltand dirt that can come down are insignificant, and thatall the mandatory problems of success are there—heshould then possess website surveyed and full plans drawnby an engineer before turnmg a sod—the cost of whichwill be stored repeatedly prior to the dam isfinished. In the event that engineer is a man of some years colonialexperience, well and good ; if not, far greater

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